Online Consulting

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Currently, thanks to all the options that new technologies give us, it is increasingly easier to work with clients without the need for a physical presence, which is why we are committed to online work, being able to count on all the services it offers a professional interior designer without leaving home, working closely with the client throughout the process.


To speed up our work, we need you to send us photos of each corner of the space we are going to work on, a sketch showing all the measures, the situation and opening of doors and windows … together with a list of needs and an estimate of the budget we have for that space.

How does the process start ?

– Choose the option that best suits your needs and price list.


– Once decided, you send us an email with all the information and some images alluding to a space that inspires you.


– With all the information, we carry out your project by sending you everything that includes the contracted option.


– Once you receive the project, you can start ordering all the furniture online at your own pace. When you have it ready, send us a photo to see how it looks on you.


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If you are passionate about decoration and consider yourself a person who loves challenges, the online option is your best option. Choose the option that best suits your needs;

– Residential Area –


90€/Hour IVA not included

If you do not know how to improve that space that resists you and that you do not get the best out of it, do not hesitate, contact us and for an hour by videoconference we will have a talk in which you will show us that space and you will be able to ask all pending questions , for this, we will work together to find the best solution.


250€/Room IVA not included

If you are clear about what you want but you are missing those small details that make your entrance or your bedroom look perfect, this is your best option. With this basic we offer you a Moodboard with two options of furniture and lighting that adapt to your taste and needs along with web links where you can buy without leaving your home.


650€/Room IVA not included

This is the option in which you want to change the decoration of your entire house. For this we offer you a plan of each space with the perfect distribution for new furniture and lighting along with 2 Moodboards
with the different options and the web links where

buy each object from home.


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Service for those homes that need a comprehensive reform, we offer a comprehensive reform project where you will receive distribution plans, installation plans, elevations, details, space renderings where you can see what the interiors will be like, execution budget, next to this you will also We will give the guidelines so that the reform is a complete success.


– Commercial Area-


From 25 €/m2 IVA not included

As you know, a very important factor in the commercial world is to distinguish yourself from the competition. For this, what better than to enhance the interior design of your business so that it is a reflection of your company, so that all those services you offer are different from others. We offer an interior design service for shops, offices and restaurants. You will get distribution plans, elevations, renders, furniture and lighting.


Personal shopper. Key on hand

If your work leaves you little time to dedicate to decorating your house, this is your best option. A Premium service in which we take care of everything. We will work side by side to have the decoration project that best suits your needs, we will accompany you throughout the decoration process, that is, we will manage all the services you need for both reform, furniture, utensils and accessories. A turnkey service in which you will not have to worry about anything.


If you have just bought your home and you do not know where to relocate the furniture you have, we offer you this service in which we will make the most of those furniture so that they coexist with the new decoration of your house.

Order management, transportation and assembly of decoration projects online

If you prefer that we take care of managing your orders so that you do not have to be aware of each shipment, we offer you this service in which we take care of ordering the furniture from you, receiving it in our warehouse and once we have everything ready we take it to your home leaving you all the furniture and lamps in place. A service in which you will save a lot of time and we will leave everything ready for you to enjoy!